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Inspired by the renaissance, Lexie’s is the tale of a heaven-sent beautiful angel. This divine creature was born in the forest, where she was naturally protected by the birds. 

Like the Alexandra rose, bearing divine purity and innocence yet having strength with great freedom which can endure any circumstance. Free yet tough, she carries a type of divine purity and innocence allowing her to endure anything. 

Today we recreate this story to embark on a unique experience of contemporary Italian cuisine.

Every dish at Lexie's has its own story rooted by the traditional recipes of Italy with elements of modern touches that tell the story of our team and our chefs who have left their mark on our kitchen, our serving staff and managers who have been ambassadors of hospitality. - We find inspiration all around, in ingredients, new approaches and fresh takes on old standards.


Every object reveals a layer of meaning. Contemporary art is an inspiration, a guide and a muse. Designed by HH Khairat creations who are heavily influenced by art, music and travel. Lexie's is a true multi-faceted project, whose soul is summed in the sentence: different takes, same vision. A polyhedric vision of excellence, a contemporary approach able to anticipate and satisfy the desires of an international and challenging audience. 


Lexie’s world is a journey that goes beyond the limits of time towards a philological sense of contemporaneity, of a dialogue and an homage to Italy’s sensibility in all its refinement.


From elegant dinners to more informal breaks, from family reunions to business meetings. Everyone will find the place, atmosphere and diverse menu.


Sophisticated, New York-generated playlists follow the various moments of the evening while on selected days, entertainment is live with jazz music or DJ sessions: from bossanova to deep. 


The skillful and cheerful staff, the sly dishes and the professional bartenders, that from the elegant counter advise the right cocktail for each guest. These are the ingredients that make a sought Lexie’s -after location for all bon vivants.

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The mixologists skill and the imported spirits allow to range from the unmissable classics all the way to their revisions and to Lexie’s signature cocktails.

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Lexie’s dishes are delicious and simple - modern Italian with roots firmly placed in the classics.

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