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Lexie's was extravagantly designed by HH Khairat Designs, a company founded by Hadia and Hala Khairat. Building on inspiration from art and music, materials like lit marble, wood, and metal give texture to the excellent DJ booth's melodies. The vision is simple: A warm space for an exquisite experience for all the senses.


Walking into the restaurant, you are taken on a journey of art and music, sparking a cozy yet upbeat vibe. The ceiling and walls are art pieces of their own, where the HH Khairat Designs team took a simple 3D concept and pushed it to a higher level. The mélange of pointed and flat surfaces peak the interest of onlookers, instigating conversation (much like paintings in an art gallery), thus dubbing them “Lexie’s Charm”. 

Although the dining area is essentially a large open space, it is subtly divided into three elegant sections, giving a hint of privacy to each one. Along the length of one of the areas is a beautiful marble fireplace, where the fire dances to ambient melodies all night.

As with each aspect of the place, the seating was also designed with an added flare: some high tables are made of fully lit marble, others have potted bonsais protruding from their center. Harmonizing the indoor with the outdoor area, every seat has a fantastic view.

Lexie’s masterpiece is the floating bar: a marvelous circular centerpiece made of lit marble and bedazzled with brass lights dangling from the ceiling. The attached DJ booth and lit marble table serve as a link between the hype of the bar and the seated dinner area. It is the main attraction; a breathtaking first look upon entering the space, and will be the lingering memory when you eventually leave.

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